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Collection of Bronze Decorative Accessories

LES ATELIERS SAINT JACQUES, MÉTALLERIE-FERRONNERIE D’ART and LES ENSEMBLIERS combine their talent to create a collection of bronze objets for the North American market.


Internationally renowned for their expertise and know-how, Les Ateliers Saint-Jacques are a non-profit organization whose mission is to perpetuate the French artisanal tradition by training apprentices. The workshop is located at the Coubertin domain in the town of Saint-Remy-les-Chevreuse in France and regularly works on exceptional sites.

For us at Les Ensembliers, this initiative is part of our process to develop a line of products that will complement our services proposal that already includes architecture, design, construction and decoration. These objects will become ambassadors of our brand and will allow us to reach a larger clientele.

This partnership came naturally since we worked together sometimes over the past decade. Their passion for craftsmanship and creating outstanding products is what we were looking for and this partnership will certainly bear its fruits. The accessories will be available starting fall 2017 in New York, Chicago, Toronto and Montreal. The collection will be comprised of 3 types of objects offered in 3 different textures and patinas.