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Office Makeover

We are doing a makeover! Yesterday, our office was buzzing with busy bees redoing our entire office plan.

We decided to move our design department upstairs which will allow us to create a display space for numerous collections by Les Ensembliers. Soon, our carpets, fabrics, trays and many more decorative accessories will be visible from the street. We hope that, in the future, clients and guests will be able to peruse and shop our collections like in a showroom.

Obviously, this kind of transformation does not happen overnight and, for the past few weeks, we’ve been working on floor plans and display ideas.

With more than 25 employees located on 2 floors, it definitely was a challenge, but one we took as a team.

We are lucky to work with designers, projects managers and builders: all of our needs were met! Not only were we able to move things efficiently, the result will be quite fashionable.

It’s during moments like these that we can truly appreciate how much stock we have!

Look at all these books!

Or these plans!

We can also find little forgotten treasures like this anthology piece: a catalog from 1998!

Let’s also all appreciate, for a moment, Maxime’s desk in all its glory. It has never been nor will it ever be this clean!

We can’t wait to show you the final result!